COPPA And How it Affects Cross-Wired Geeks

You’ve probably heard about the changes related to COPPA that will be hitting YouTube in January. We’ve just uploaded a video briefly explaining the situation and what it means for the future of our YouTube channel:

In short:

  • Biological Chronicle video media has been marked as “Made for Kids,” but you won’t see much of a change there since the videos are already unlisted with comments disabled
  • All of our other videos are still marked “Not Made for Kids” for now, but come January will all be getting changed to “Made for Kids” to avoid any potential issues with the FTC
  • This means we will lose a lot of features on our videos, including comments, endcards, searchability, notifications, and having our videos recommended to viewers
  • If you’d still like to comment on our videos or get notifications for them, you can do so through our website, where we are enabling comments on all video posts going forward

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