Biological Chronicle – 810NICLE Day Update and Book Title Poll Results!

Happy 810NICLE Day, everyone! To celebrate our little community holiday, Biological Chronicle has received a big update, including the new Book titles that you all voted for! For details, keep reading, or watch our announcement video from the 810NICLE Day stream:

  1. Over 100 small fixes have been made! These are things like image edit fixes, typo fixes, etc. Check out the changelog linked on the Biological Chronicle landing page for details!
  2. Some chapters in Books 8 and 9 have been rearranged slightly to improve the reading experience and flow.
  3. The “Complete” version of Biological Chronicle have been rebranded to “with Optional Extras,” to make it clear that the Standard versions have everything “necessary,” and the larger versions simply have optional extra content.
  4. Better, more accurate credits:
    1. The document author listed on all Biological Chronicle PDF files has been updated from Wynn Martin to “Greg Farshtey, et al.”
    2. The Biological Chronicle credits pages are now specific to each Book, rather than being the same across all 10.
  5. A few comic pages have been added – these are pages which you could completely follow the story without, but that add some more weight to significant moments.
  6. All manually-scanned items in Biological Chronicle (e.g. comics, Young Reader books) have been re-scanned at much higher quality
    1. Some comic pages (specifically those from Glatorian issue #3) have been edited to provide larger, higher-quality pages – thanks to Chip Wiseman for her help with that!
  7. In the PDFs, the aspect ratio of all image-only pages has been changed to match that of the image on the page – so there are no longer white bars at the sides or top of images on these pages, and two-page images are now actually two pages wide!
  8. Where possible, extraneous comic text (e.g. titles, cross-sells) has been completely removed, showing the art behind the text (previously this text was either left in, or in the case of text boxes, blacked out)
  9. All images in Biological Chronicle now have manually written alt-text, which can be seen if you hover over an image in the PDFs. This text will allow those that use a screen-reader to experience what is happening on visual pages. (Note: this is not yet fully implemented in the web version, and the web version will not support hovering to see it)
  10. Two of the Le-Koro MNOG cutscenes linked in Book 1 have been updated to the versions where Taipu is present (to be consistent with the text version of the cutscene events included in Book 1).
  11. Links (which can be clicked, tapped, or scanned) to clips from the Bionicle moves have been added to Books 3, 4, 5, and 9, with the text they correspond to highlighted. Links to Metus’ Revenge and a condensed version of the Mata Nui Saga have also been added.
  12. There are now Character Guides in all Books – these show the official renders of all set characters, with names, so that readers unfamiliar with the sets can have a visual for them. These are placed in specific locations throughout the Books chosen to ensure nothing is spoiled while reading for the first time. (Note: these are not yet fully implemented in the web version)
  13. The Book titles have been updated based on your votes! Thanks so much to everyone that voted. The final titles are:
    1. Book 1: The Coming of the Toa
    2. Book 2: What Lurks Below
    3. Book 3: The Mask of Light
    4. Book 4: City of Legends
    5. Book 5: Web of Shadows
    6. Book 6: Island of Doom
    7. Book 7: Sea of Darkness
    8. Book 8: Ignition
    9. Book 9: Journey’s End
  14. Biological Chronicle now has front and rear book covers! Thanks so much to Dusty S for designing the front covers, and providing me with the psd file in order to update the titles for them.

Now, with all that out of the way, something a little less exciting: This is the final content update for Biological Chronicle. If you find a typo or error somewhere, still let me know and I’ll see about getting it fixed, but in terms of the content present in this compilation, and the arrangement of it – this is it. This is the final state of Biological Chronicle, and how it will remain from here on.

Now, the exciting part of that: with no more major changes coming, I can finally do what I’ve been promising some of you for several years now – more formats! As you read this I am hard at work on converting Biological Chronicle into other formats, including ebooks formats, and a print format version (for those of you who’d like to go to a printing press and get a physical copy of this thing).

In all honesty, when I first posted this project online, I had no idea that I would still be working on it almost 4 years later. But the reason I have been is because of all the feedback I’ve received from you all, and it’s helped me make this thing bigger and better than I ever could have imagined.

Thanks so much for all your support, and look forward to the alternate versions coming (hopefully) soon!

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