Editor’s note:

When the BIONICLE toyline was discontinued in 2010, the story came to a conclusion with the book Journey’s End. However, Greg Farshtey planned to continue updating Bioniclestory.com with new story serials, including plot points and ideas he hadn’t had time to work into the story before the official ending.

While Greg did regularly update the website for a while, there came a point where he simply didn’t have time to write BIONICLE story anymore. He had a daughter in September of 2010, and also began writing the story for Lego Ninjago, which launched in 2011. These responsibilities, understandably, came before Bioniclestory.com, and so these final Bionicle story serials remain unfinished.

Since these serials don’t have endings, they weren’t included in the main body of this compilation. However, for the sake of completeness, they have been compiled here as an epilogue, along with one finished serial that largely takes place after Journey’s End.

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