Back in Ta-Koro, Vakama tells Takua the tale of his past adventures…

In the time before time, the island of Mata Nui was a tropical paradise. Then a shadow fell across the island – A shadow known as Makuta.

In the dark years that followed, the islanders put their faith in a legend… a legend that foresaw the arrival of six mighty heroes: the Toa. For only the Toa will have the strength and courage to bring peace and light back to the world.

As Mata Nui awaits the arrival of the Toa, a lone islander unknowingly begins a quest… a quest that will change Mata Nui forever.

Due to the frustration of the other Ta-Matoran with Takua’s lack of work ethic, he is eventually banished from Ta-Koro by Turaga Vakama, and begins to wander the island of Mata Nui.

One morning, upon awakening on a beach in Onu-Wahi, he is greeted by a Onu-Matoran. “Good morning, Takua!” he says. “I’ve heard that Turaga Whenua wants to see you. Head up this beach and talk to everyone you see. You’ll eventually come to the cave entrance to our underground village, where you’ll find Whenua!”

As Takua travels up the beach toward Onu-Koro, he encounters numerous obstacles placed in his path, such as stone hurdles, wide rivers which can only be crossed using Shore Turtles, a strange puzzle involving a large stone gate, some boulders, and two switches. Eager to take on this challenge, Takua traverses through the obstacle course, with the help of several other Matoran and some signs planted in the sand along the way. While there, he also practices throwing Bula Berries at a circle of stones. Eventually he passes a large stone gate, and is greeted by an Onu-Matoran, who instructs Takua to enter the cave to Onu-Koro.

After eating a Vuata Maca Fruit and a Bula berry to regain his strength, Takua enters Onu-Koro’s gates, but is stopped in his tracks by two Onu-Matoran guards.

“Halt! Who goes there?” the first guard says.

“Yeah – who goes there?” the other one adds.

“I already said that!”

“Said what?”

“Who goes there!”

“Why are you asking me?”

As the confused guards continue to argue, Takua slips by them and arrives in Onu-Koro. A worried Onu-Matoran approaches him.

“Our village is in desperate need of your help!” the villager says urgently. “We fear that the Vatuka Beast has Whenua and he is being held captive in the passageways to the east! You will need Vakama’s Firestaff to see your way in the dark tunnels. It can be found in the village.”

As he searches for the Firestaff, Takua speaks with several Matoran in the village.

“I’ve heard a dangerous rock creature lives in the mines,” one Matoran cautions.

“Hoi turtles make great stepping stones!” another one advises.

“The Vuata Maca Fruit will help you recharge your energy,” one says.

“I’ve heard that Taipu can lift many times his own weight…”

“Taipu and Onepu are the best of friends.”

“Our village elder, Whenua, has gone deep into the mines. You will need to find him and return here afterwards.”

Continuing to wander the village, Takua discovers Turaga Vakama’s missing Badge of Office, the Firestaff. Using its flame to light his way, he begins his hike into the Great Mine. After fighting his way past the creatures of the caverns, he locates Turaga Whenua, imprisoned in a cage.

Before Takua can free the Turaga, a creature made of rock attacks him – this must be the Vatuka that the villagers spoke of. As the Vatuka creates smaller rock creatures to attack Takua, the Matoran uses bursts of light from the Firestaff to stun them, throwing explosive Madu fruit to finish them off. Its minions destroyed, Takua focuses on the Vatuka, hurling one Madu after another at it. Despite the sheer power of the beast, Takua manages to destroy it, and retrieves an Amana Volo Sphere – filled with restorative energy – from the rubble it leaves behind. He then frees Whenua by dragging boulders onto two switches, lowering the cage hanging from the cave ceiling.

“Thank you for rescuing me!” Whenua exclaims as Takua unlocks his cage. “You’re quite the adventurer. We had better get back to Onu-Koro! There is much that I must tell you. Follow me!”

Once safely back in Onu-Koro, Whenua speaks to Takua. “It is a time of great danger, Takua. The island of Mata Nui is under siege by the evil Makuta! Dangerous beasts wearing the infected masks of Makuta roam the land. Each of the six villages on Mata Nui are in danger! I have heard that some of my fellow Turaga are missing… and their tools, like Vakama’s Firestaff, have been scattered about the island.

“Alas, that is not the end of it. The Vuata Maca Tree that provides fruit to our village has been poisoned! Only by finding the two Vuata Maca crystals and returning them to the tree can it be healed.”

Whenua then offers Takua a Volo Lutu Launcher, to help Takua cross wide voids and other obstacles. “This will allow you to grab objects from a distance,” he adds.

Before Takua can head north as Whenua instructed, he is stopped by Onu-Koro’s Vuata Maca Tree keeper. “Our village is in desperate need of your help!” he pleads. “The nearby Vuata Maca Tree that is the source of food and energy to our people has been poisoned.” As Takua looks at the tree the keeper is pointing at, he notices that it indeed appears to be in poor health. “In order to restore this tree to health, you must find two Vuata Maca Tree crystals and bring them to me.”

Takua agrees to look for the crystals, and continues to the northern tunnels. Utilizing his Volo Lutu Launcher and Madu fruit, he reaches the inner bowels of the mines, where he finds both Vuata Maca crystals. Using a Madu Cabolo – an unripe Madu, with much greater explosive power – he blasts a hole in a wall, creating an entrance to a small section of the caves containing a strange, glowing stone. Taking the stone, he then returns to Onu-Koro and gives the Crystals to the village Tree Keeper.

“Onua be praised! You’ve recovered both of the Vuata Maca Tree crystals. Place them in the tree to return it to health.”

Takua does as he is instructed, and the tree returns to health, visibly growing greener and brighter. As thanks, the Vuata Maca Tree keeper gives Takua an Amana Volo Sphere to restore his energy.

Next, Takua brings the mysterious stone to Whenua. “Thank you for getting our Toa Stone back!” he says in gratitude. “You are now free to go to the next village.”

As Takua departs, he is confronted by Onepu once more. “You have done well, Takua. To continue you must first race me, Onepu, the greatest of all the Ussal Crab racers! Collect all eight buried crystals to win. Each crystal will give you special abilities.”

Takua accepts the challenge, and, to the surprise of Onepu, wins the race. The defeated Onepu then allows his competitor to pass.

Takua soon crosses the border from Onu-Wahi to Ga-Wahi, where he encounters even fiercer Rahi than those in the earth village. Once again making use of his Madu and Volo Lutu Launcher, he eventually makes it to Ga-Koro. However, as he crosses the bridge, a Ga-Matoran stops him.

“Welcome to Ga-Koro!” she greets him. “You may have access to our village by participating in our boat race. You’ll race against me. I’m really fast!

“Your rowing team will follow the drumbeat you play.”

Takua accepts the challenge and enters the Ngalawa boat race, despite not being very familiar with boating. Thankfully, he isn’t the one rowing: upon boarding his boat, he sees a large drum with two sticks at the stern. Realizing that this must be what the Ga-Matoran was talking about, he grabs the sticks, preparing to give the rowers their commands.

The race takes his vessel up waterfalls and through branching paths, and the competition is fierce. But in the end, through some combination of skill and luck, he finishes first.

“You move in the water like a fish, Takua!” the Ga-Matoran says, as she opens the village gates for Takua.

Looking for information on the stolen Turaga Badges of Office, Takua speaks with the various Ga-Matoran in the village.

“Ga-Koro is much too wet! I’d rather live in Po-Koro, where it’s warm all day!” one complains.

“Did you know that Nokama’s trident is made of the bones of the Makuta fish?” another asks.

“Believe it or not, I can’t swim! I’m trying to learn, though…”

“Have you heard that Nokama’s trident has been stolen?”

“Nokama’s trident can launch balls of water at Nokama’s enemies!”

“Do you think any Rahi will attack us?”

“Of all the villagers in Ga-Koro, Kotu is the clumsiest!”

Eventually, Takua gets some useful information from a Matoran named Maku. “Greetings, fellow islander,” she says. “Our Turaga, Nokama, is missing! We think that she has been captured by the Makika that lives in a cave across the harbor. Will you help us rescue Nokama?”

Takua agrees, but before he can leave the village to search for Nokama, he is approached by the Vuata Maca Tree keeper of the village. “We need your help!” she pleads. “The two crystals that are essential to the health of our Vuata Maca Tree have been stolen! You must bring them to me. Please help us, Takua!”

After agreeing to look for the crystals, Takua heads into the harbor, where he encounters more of the large Rahi that he fought on his way to Ga-Koro. While fighting his way past them, he stumbles across one of the Vuata Maca Crystals. He eventually arrives at the Makika’s cave, which is marked by a sign warning that the giant toad is immune to Madu fruit. He enters the cave to find Nokama tied up, with the Makika close by, guarding her. Takua knows that the Makika won’t react unless he comes too close, and so takes some time to search for a way to rescue the Turaga of Water. After giving it some thought, he lifts up a Matoran-sized rock and hurls it on the Rahi. As the Makika strains against the rock, Takua races over to Nokama and unties her. He’s running towards the cave’s exit with Nokama when the Makika frees itself and hops after him. The two escape with just inches between them and the creature.

After returning to the village, Nokama speaks with Takua. “Thank you for rescuing me, little one. The island of Mata Nui needs your help! As I have feared, the Vuata Maca Crystals are still missing. One of our crystals was taken by a creature that lives in the cliffs across the harbor. The harbor is to the southwest.” She gives Takua an Amana Volo Sphere, and he heads off.

Following the Turaga’s directions, Takua begins searching for the other missing crystal in the cliffs of Ga-Wahi. Here, he finds more of the Rahi that he fought before, an Amana Volo buried in some rocks, and eventually, a Vuata Maca Crystal. He is about to head back to Ga-Koro when he sees an elevator. Curious, he takes it to the top of the highest cliff, where he is attacked by several grasshopper-like Rahi. After defeating them, he sees another mysterious stone much like the Toa Stone he found in Onu-Wahi – but this one is glowing blue. Taking it, he heads back toward the village.

Back in Ga-Koro, he first drops off the crystals at the Vuata Maca Tree.

“Gali be praised!” the tree keeper exclaims. “You’ve recovered both of the Vuata Maca Tree crystals.” As thanks, the tree keeper offers Takua another Amana Volo.

Nokama also thanks Takua for recovering the blue stone, which she also calls a “Toa Stone,” and instructs him to go to Po-Koro next.

Taking Nokama’s advice, Takua heads for the village of Stone. Near the border, he finds Whenua’s Drill of Onua, and a Po-Matoran who instructs him on how to use it. “You can use the drill to dig under some enemies and knock them over, or to dig under walls like this one,” he explains. “Giant scorpions can be distracted with a boulder,” the Matoran adds.

Takua immediately uses the drill to dig under a stone wall that is blocking his path. As he nears the village, he encounters two Po-Matoran. One is trapped underneath several boulders.

“Help! My friend is trapped under these rocks!” the other one says. “We were practicing Koli when a wild kick smacked those boulders over there… Will you help us?”

Takua helps lift the boulders to free the Matoran trapped underneath.

“Unnh… thanks… You can have this Amana Volo, I’m not using it,” the freed Matoran says in gratitude.

“Thank you for saving Podu!” the other Matoran says. “I couldn’t have done it without you!”

“I’m sore all over,” Podu adds.

Takua thanks Podu for the Amana Volo, then heads toward Po-Koro. At the gates, he encounters two guards.

“Stop! Who are you?” the first one says.

“What do you want?” enquires the other.

“Why are you here?” the first one adds.

“How do we know you aren’t an ally of Makuta?”

“What’s the password?”

“There isn’t a password!”

“That’s right. Ok, you can pass.”

“I already live here!”

While the two guards continue their confused exchange, Takua enters the village. Looking for information, he speaks to several of the villagers.

“Onewa often meets with Whenua – I think they’re good friends.”

“If you win all the village games, you get the Copper Mask!”

“I’m tired of all the dust and boulders here. Why couldn’t I live in Ga-Koro?”

“All this sand and dust is making my mask itchy!”

“Hafu is an incredible athlete. He is skilled in both disk throwing and Koli playing!”

“Hafu likes to crush boulders with his feet and his head. Ouch!”

“I wish I had elemental powers at my command like the Toa!”

“Someone has damaged the Vuata Maca Tree for our village, and we need two Vuata Maca crystals to heal the tree. Please find the Vuata Maca crystals and return them to me.”

Takua also discovers that Turaga Onewa is missing, and sets out to find him. He soon finds Onewa’s Stone Hammer, as well as a worried Matoran.

“Help, my Moa Bird is trapped behind those two boulders and neither of them will move!” the Po-Matoran says, pointing at the heap of nearby rocks. Remembering the tool he just found, Takua uses Onewa’s hammer to shatter the boulders and free the bird.

“Thanks for helping me get my Moa Bird out,” the Matoran says, giving Takua an Amana Volo as thanks.

Takua continues searching for Onewa, collecting a tree Crystal along the way. He eventually finds the Turaga trapped in a cage, surrounded by a swarm of insects. Thinking quickly, Takua takes out the bugs with a barrage of fruit, then digs Onewa out of the cage using the Drill of Onua.

“It was so hot in that cage!” Onewa says. “Let’s go back to the village, it’s much cooler there.”

The two return to the village, where the Turaga gives Takua an Amana Volo Sphere to revitalize him. “You’re the best, Takua! The desert just won’t be the same when you’re gone.”

After making sure Onewa is safely back in his hut, Takua begins searching for the other Vuata Maca Crystal. Along the way, he finds a throwing disk that immediately proves useful against the aggressive Rahi on his way. He also runs into a giant Kofo-Jaga, a vicious scorpion-like creature. Takua first tricks the Kofo-Jaga into attacking a boulder, then uses his drill to burrow under the creature and jump out of the ground underneath it, flipping it over and giving himself time to escape.

Soon after, he finds the Crystal – as well as yet another glowing stone, which he assumes must be a third Toa Stone. Returning to the village, he gives the stone to Onewa, then returns the crystals to the Vuata Maca Tree.

“Long live Pohatu! You’ve recovered both of the Vuata Maca Tree crystals that we need to survive!” the Vuata Maca Tree keeper exclaims gratefully.

As Takua prepares to leave Po-Koro, he meets a Matoran who challenges him to a game of Koli. “I am the village Koli champion!” he boasts. “Let’s play! Kick as many rocks into your opponents’ goals as possible, while defending your own. The player who makes the most goals wins!”

Takua accepts the challenge, and a game of Koli ensues. Takua narrowly manages to get the most points and wins the game. Thanking the Po-Matoran for the match, he begins his journey to Le-Wahi, and the next stage of his mission.

Takua uses his Volo Lutu Launcher to cross a chasm to Le-Wahi.

As he arrives at the gates of Le-Koro, Takua encounters a Matoran. “I’ve heard that skill with the Volo Lutu Launcher will help you get a Kewa Bird,” the Le-Matoran advises.

Intrigued by the Matoran’s advice, Takua uses his launcher to grab hold of a Kewa bird and climb atop it. The bird flails wildly at first, and by the time Takua has gained control over it, he finds himself in the middle of a Kewa Bird Riding match. Somehow, he manages to win, then lands on one of the platforms of Le-Koro, thankful to be back on the ground.

“Your skill at riding the Kewa Bird is impressive!” one of the Matoran remarks. “I must ask for your help. Matau, the Turaga of our village, has been kidnapped. You must rescue him if you can…”

Before leaving to look for Matau, Takua speaks with some of the other inhabitants of the village.

“I’ve heard that Matoro is afraid of heights! Can you believe that?”

“Matau has lost his Kau Kau Staff. Have you seen it?”

“I like it up here in the trees. It’s very peaceful.”

“Have you tried your hand at Kewa Bird riding yet?”

As with the other villages, Takua also encounters the worried Vuata Maca Tree keeper of Le-Koro. “We have a major problem here in Le-Koro. Makuta has ruined our Vuata Maca Tree; we’re not sure how. In order to restore this tree to health, you must find the two Vuata Maca Tree crystals for it. After you find them, return them to me. We know you can help us, Takua.”

Takua leaves the village to search the jungles of Le-Wahi for the Turaga. After searching for a while, he manages to find both Nuju’s Ice Pick and the two Vuata Maca Crystals, but seems no closer to Matau.

Suddenly, a large mother Kewa bird grabs Takua, flies him to the top of a nearby hill, and attempts to drop him into her nest. Takua barely manages to avoid falling into the nest, but notices Matau trapped inside it with the Kewa chicks. Seeing that the mother bird is still intent on dropping him into the nest as well, Takua thinks quickly. As the Kewa swoops down toward him, he grabs a nearby boulder and holds it above his head, The Kewa mistakenly grabs the rock, and drops it into the nest, knocking one of the young birds unconscious. Repeating this trick until all the chicks are stunned, Takua leaps into the nest, grabs Matau, then makes a break for it.

“Oh, Takua – you saved me!” Matau implores. “Time to go back to the village.”

“Once again you have proven that a small stature does not prevent great deeds! As a reward for rescuing me, here is my Kau Kau Staff,” Turaga Matau says, handing Takua the staff. “With it you can clear trees from your path. Use it wisely! Only the foolish use the Kau Kau Staff without good purpose. Once you are finished in Le-Wahi, you must go to the ice lands to the northeast. But before you leave: I’ve heard that a strange mechanical tree nearby may provide the answer to the location of a sacred artifact. Search wisely, and may Lewa look out for you!”

On his way out of the village, Takua returns the Crystals to the Tree Keeper of Le-Koro. “Lewa be praised! Thanks for getting those Vuata Maca Tree crystals, Takua.”

Back in the jungle, Takua begins searching for the strange tree the Turaga spoke of, wondering if the “sacred artifact” might be another Toa Stone. For a while, he finds nothing but four strange gears, but eventually he stumbles upon a tree matching Matau’s description. Spotting empty slots in the mechanics of the tree, Takua places the gears into the device, which causes it to open in front of him – revealing another Toa Stone, green this time. Retrieving the stone, he excitedly returns it to Le-Koro, then departs for Ko-Wahi.

While crossing from Le-Wahi to Ko-Wahi, Takua meets an unusually enthusiastic Ko-Matoran.

“I’m always in the mood for a good snowball fight! Get ready! You will slide around on the ice when you fling snowballs. If you can avoid being totally covered in snow, you win!”

Accepting the challenge, Takua partakes in the Huai Snowball Sling and wins. Bidding the friendly Ko-Matoran farewell, he continues his journey and arrives at the gates of Ko-Koro, where two guards give him a cold reception.

“Go back, or you’ll be frozen in ice!” the first one warns him.

“No, you’ll be buried in snow,” the other one says.

“Frozen in ice is better.”

“I like buried in snow!”

“Let’s compromise: go back or you’ll be really – really cold!”

Ignoring what he knows are empty threats, Takua enters Ko-Koro, speaking to the local Matoran for information.

“I’ve heard that Matoro has a very good singing voice.”

“Ko-Koro is too cold! I’d much rather live in a warm village, like Po-Koro.”

“Many from our village like to skate on Lake Naho.”

“All of this snow is making my feet cold…”

“If you win all the village games, you get the Copper Mask!”

“Nuju’s Ice Pick can be used to turn hot lava into cool stone.”

Eventually, Takua encounters a Matoran bearing urgent news. “You’ve arrived just in time! Turaga Nuju has been kidnapped by a horde of evil beasts! My friend Matoro has been injured! The beast trackers of our village have been unable to reach Nuju. You must rescue Nuju!”

Takua immediately leaves the village to search Ko-Wahi, and eventually finds the Ice Turaga lost in the Wastes – as well as one of the Vuata Maca Tree Crystals.

“Thank you for saving me, Takua,” Nuju says. “Let’s go back to the village, we can talk more there.”

With Matoro still recovering from his injuries and unable to serve as translator, Nuju is willing to speak with Takua in the Matoran language.

“As a reward for rescuing me, I have a gift for you… Nokama’s Trident! With this staff you’ll be able to launch water balls at your enemies. Now that you have proven your ability, I must ask for your aid. Makuta’s henchmen have stolen the Element of Melting from our village. This artifact helps us melt the ice that covers Mt. Ihu and lets some water flow freely around our village.” The Turaga gives Takua an Amana Volo Sphere to prepare him for his trek back out into the snow, then sends him on his way.

Takua departs to search for the missing items, and eventually discovers the hiding places of the remaining Vuata Maca Crystal and the Element of Melting. He then stumbles upon three frozen crates. Curious, he smashes them open, only to find three large bird Rahi inside. He is forced to confront them, but emerges victorious and finds that they possessed a white Toa stone. After returning the Element, Toa Stone and Crystals to Ko-Koro, Takua travels to Ta-Wahi.

As Takua arrives at his home village of Ta-Koro, he’s spotted by two guards.

“There he is! Let’s get him!” the first one shouts.

“We can’t let him get away!” the second agrees.

“Stop where you are!”


“Not you, silly!”

Moving quickly, Takua slips past the confused guards and enters Ta-Koro. He searches around for Vakama, talking with other Matoran along the way.

“Jala is a very good lava surfer. Have you raced against him yet?”

“Ta-Koro is too hot! I’d much rather live in a cool village, like Ko-Koro.”

“I’ve heard that Kapura likes to wander around Mata Nui in his spare time.”

“Have you tried Ignalu Lava Surfing? It’s a blast!”

“If you win all the village games, you get the Copper Mask!”

“Jala says we have to keep a sharp lookout for Rahi!”

“You look like a strong fellow! Have you thought of joining the village guard?”

“A dangerous lava creature was seen near Ta-Koro a few days ago. Be careful!”

Takua finally finds Turaga Vakama, but is not greeted quite as amicably as he was by the other Turaga. “I’ve heard about you, Takua. You’re just a villager! You’ve come very far for one so small. I’ve heard about how skilled you are, but I am not convinced. Are you strong enough to recover the lost Toa Stone of Fire? I don’t think you’re up to the task! But I am willing to give you a chance. Before you can help us find our Toa Stone, you must help us purify the only source of water to our village. Makuta’s henchmen have poisoned our wells, and we need to find them! If you can find an antidote, I’ll give you the help you need to find the Toa Stone.” Vakama also hands Takua a lava surfboard to allow him to cross the various lava rivers of Ta-Wahi.

Before setting out, Takua meets yet another Vuata Maca Tree keeper, who informs him of yet more missing crystals. “You’ve probably figured this out by now, but we also need Vuata Maca Tree crystals. You are the only one who can find them, the rest of us must defend Ta-Koro. Do not return until you have found the Vuata Maca Tree crystals!”

Before he is able to leave, however, a Matoran challenges Takua to a game of Ignalu Lava Surfing. Using the lavaboard Vakama gave him, Takua wins the game, and quickly sets out to find the antidote.

After some time, he manages to find it and returns to the village, only to discover that Vakama is now gone. Instead, Jala is waiting for him impatiently. “It’s about time! Where have you been? Vakama has been taken by a band of hot-headed Fire Mahi! Only you can save Vakama, as I must stay here and guard the village.”

Takua goes out into the lava plains to find the Turaga. He discovers Vakama surrounded by a group of Mahi, small goat-like Rahi.

“Help me! Those Mahi over there have the key to this cage. You must knock them all out to get the key!” he urges.

Takua is able to defeat the Rahi herd, and then frees Vakama from his cage.

“You have saved me, let’s go back to the village.”

Back in the village, Vakama speaks to Takua again. “Well, I guess you’ve passed the test, but I think you were lucky! There is little time remaining to find the Toa Stone! You must find it quickly before it is lost in the depths of Mangai forever. Now get going!”

Hurriedly, Takua ventures into the lava caves of the volcano, navigating through a maze teeming with dangerous Rahi. Recovering a Vuata Maca Crystal on the way, Takua eventually arrives at a cave, where he finds a red Toa Stone, the second Crystal, a small geyser, and a strange machine. He returns to the village with the stone and Crystal, still curious about the device in the cave.

After returning the lost items to Ta-Koro, Takua returns to the cave to investigate further. Upon closer inspection, he finds and activates three switches embedded in the ground. This causes a large crystalline form to appear in the chamber. Puzzled by it, he places a stone onto the nearby geyser, launching it into the air. The stone comes back down on top of the crystal, smashing it to pieces. Suddenly a volcanic eruption sends tremors through the caverns, causing the floor beneath Takua to collapse.

He drops down towards a lava river, barely managing to land on his Lavaboard. Unable to get any momentum on the board, he uses his Volo Lutu Launcher to grab onto a Rahi fleeing the eruption and pull himself into the main river of lava, where the current carries his board forward. Avoiding falling stones and lava currents, he eventually bursts out of the side of Mangai. He flies through the air and lands at Kini-Nui, where all six Turaga are waiting.

“Thanks for dropping by, Takua!” Onewa greets him.

“You are our hero, little one… you have recovered the Toa Stones!” Nokama praises.

“Hmph! I guess you did,” Vakama admits begrudgingly. “Not bad for an amateur…”

“Good work!” Matau says. “Now please return the Toa Stones to their proper places in the temple.”

As Takua places the Toa Stones around the Amaja-Nui shrine, they begin to glow with energy. When all six are in place, a huge beam of energy shoots up from the sand pit, traveling far into the sky. Takua is caught in the beam, which throws him high into the air above the island, finally landing on the beach near Ta-Koro.

Unconscious, Takua doesn’t see the six canisters heading to shore, summoned by the energy released from the Toa Stones…

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