The Toa couldn’t contain their joy. Finally! Out of the darkness of the tunnels, safe from Makuta and his minions, free to enjoy the sunlight and the beauty of the island. Except…

“I wonder what Makuta has in store for us next,” Gali, Toa of Water, said, and a shadow settled over the group.

Tahu, Toa of Fire, nodded. None of them knew much about the dark being known as Makuta. The six Toa had arrived on Mata Nui remembering nothing but their names and a few snippets of confusing and frightening dreams. But they soon learned of their duty – to protect the island and its people from the powers of darkness.

The Fire Toa touched his mask, feeling the energy humming beneath its golden surface. Each Toa wore a golden Kanohi mask just like his. The masks’ awesome powers had just helped the Toa defeat the fearsome Rahi.

“I bet Makuta is deephiding now that he’s seen our fightpower,” Lewa, Toa of Air, said, puffing out his green chest proudly. “He won’t soon fearchallenge Mata Nui again.”

“Such bragging seems unwise and unnecessary,” said Kopaka, Toa of Ice, in a cold voice.

Onua, Toa of Earth, was about to agree – in a gentler way – when he sensed the ground tremble beneath him. “Quiet,” he ordered abruptly, raising a hand to the other Toa.

Tahu, Lewa and Gali paused and glanced at him. “What is it?” Lewa asked eagerly. “Do you feel something? Hear something? Is it Mata Nui awakening, do you think?” The Toa had never forgotten their ultimate goal: to awaken the spirit of Mata Nui. Now that Makuta’s Rahi had been vanquished, there seemed to be nothing standing in their way.

“I don’t know.” Onua frowned, focusing his mind on the earth below him. Now it came again – a shudder, as if the entire island were shifting in its sleep. Was it Mata Nui emerging?

The next tremble was stronger. “Whoa!” Gali shouted. “Brothers, if this is Mata Nui, I fear he’s in a very bad mood!”

The earth shuddered again, with a grinding of stone against stone and the creak and roar of falling trees and tumbling rocks. Onua braced himself against a nearby swell and closed his eyes as yet another spasm shook the land. Could this be Mata Nui? Or had they awakened something – else?

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