Onua walked steadily through the rocky wastes near the southern border of Po-Wahi, wondering how the battle was going back in Po-Koro. After meeting up with Pohatu and Gali and helping them set a trap for a swarm of marauding Tahnok, he had left them to spring the trap themselves. Kopaka had already departed to check on Tahu, which left Lewa the only Toa unaccounted for. Onua had set out to find him.

I hope Lewa is okay, Onua thought with a flash of worry. He can be so impulsive – acting without thinking, putting courage before caution. And these Bohrok swarms are really nothing for one Toa to tackle alone, no matter how bold and strong.

That fact had become clearer with every passing hour. Everywhere he turned, Onua saw more of the Bohrok swarms – or the destruction they’d left behind. The creatures seemed willing to leave nothing untouched, from the trees to the rivers to the very land itself.

He hadn’t admitted it to the others, but Onua was truly worried about the Air Toa. Lewa had been gone a long time – Onua was starting to wonder if it hadn’t been foolish to separate in the first place.

Calling upon the power of his Kanohi mask for greater speed, he soon reached the region near Le-Koro. He slowed and looked around, noting the charred foliage and uprooted trees on all sides. He also noticed several steaming greenish puddles on the ground.

“Acid,” he muttered, not liking what this might mean.

He stepped forward carefully, his senses on the alert. The last thing he wanted was to let the Bohrok take him by surprise.

Suddenly Onua stopped, seeing something glinting golden in the sunlight.

*      *      *


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