From the Wall of History…

Victory Party Canceled!

New foe surfaces in Ta-Koro

By Takua

Celebrations were cut short today when swarms of unknown creatures appeared in Ta-Koro, with the apparent purpose of leveling the village. “They came out of nowhere,” said Turaga Vakama, still visibly shaken from the encounter, “Luckily, we reached the Toa in time!”

During the attack, Turaga Vakama had the presence of mind to send for the Toa, who were still recovering from their remarkable victory over Makuta. Tahu, Kopaka, Lewa, Onua, Gali and Pohatu rushed to the aid of Ta-Koro just in time to avert certain disaster. The Toa managed to use their now legendary elemental powers to disable the swarm of creatures known as “Bohrok.”

“Before the Toa arrived to defeat Makuta,” explained Turaga Vakama. “we [the Turaga] couldn’t believe there could be anything worse than the Rahi. Today we were proven wrong.”

“Apparently, the Turaga have always known the legend of the Bohrok,” explained Lewa grimly. “Now we get to find out the reality of the swarms.”

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