From the Wall of History…

After the Storm

Peace returns to Mata Nui

By Takua

As the defenders of Ga-Koro faced the Pahrak swarm, it seemed that all would be lost. The village’s great monument lay smashed, its buildings torn and tattered, and the Boxors sent to protect it had sunk to the bottom of Lake Naho.

But suddenly something amazing happened. A blinding light burst from the shrine of the Toa Gali, shining upwards like the very beacon that first summoned the Toa to the shores of Mata Nui. Five others rose to join it, and as they lit up the morning sky, the Pahrak… stopped.

All across the island, the destructive rampage of the Bohrok came to a halt. Far below, the Toa had triumphed over the Bahrag, twin rulers of the Bohrok nest, and had been transformed by the mysterious power of protodermis.

“With their link to the Bahrag gone,” Turaga Vakama explained, “the krana that the Bohrok carry no longer control them. On their own, the creatures are harmless.”

Turaga Whenua agreed. “Without the will of the queens, the Bohrok are like machines, lacking direction of their own. Set them to a task, though, and they will eagerly carry it out.”

So now the swarm aids in repairing the very damage that it caused! As the Matoran mend their villages and homes with the help of these unlikely new allies, volunteers are collecting the remaining krana, hiding them away where they can do no more harm. The Toa have returned as the Toa Nuva, their powers greater than ever before. It seems that the threat of Makuta and the Bohrok swarms is finally at an end. Peace has come at last to the island of Mata Nui.

Or so we hope…

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