From the Wall of History…

Theft of Fire

Toa Nuva’s symbol stolen!

By Takua

Just as we thought the threat of the swarms was finally over, a new danger has emerged from the darkness. In a daring raid on Ta-Koro, Tahu Nuva’s symbol of power has been stolen, and with it the Toa’s control over the element of fire.

The thief approached the Ta-Suva by stealth, incapacitating the Matoran on watch with some sort of sonic field. As the Ta-Koro Guard looked on helplessly, the creature – like a Bohrok in appearance, but far more powerful than any that we have encountered before – took Tahu’s symbol from the shrine and leapt away.

“I have rarely felt so powerless,” said Guard Captain Jala, “as when that…thing stood gloating before me with Tahu’s symbol in its grasp, and I could do nothing to stop it.”

Tahu Nuva appeared to block the beast’s path, but it brought down a shower of stones upon him. The onlookers’ relief at the Toa’s arrival turned to dismay as mighty Tahu summoned his blazing elemental energies – and was buried beneath the rubble as his flame failed to appear.

What does the appearance of this terrible new creature bode for Mata Nui, and what has become of the Toa Nuva of Fire?

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