From the Wall of History…

Out of Their Elements

Toa Nuva search for symbol thieves

By Takua

The theft of Tahu Nuva’s symbol was just the start. Each village of Mata Nui has been the victim of a similar raid, with each Toa left diminished in its wake. Kopaka Nuva was nearly lost down a chasm, Tahu Nuva found himself buried beneath a hail of stones, and Gali Nuva was swept away by a giant wave that she could have stopped only a moment before. Lewa, Onua and Pohatu too have suffered indignities thanks to the work of the mysterious thieves.

“I fell out of a tree!” said an embittered Lewa Nuva. “Me, of all beings! I nearly ended up neck-deep in that reeking swamp on the ground below. Stupid bugs.”

“It wasn’t fun,” was Pohatu Nuva’s only comment. “Frankly, I’d rather not talk about it any more.”

As they set out in pursuit of the thieves, some of the Toa were more introspective. “Our powers were increased greatly in the nest of the Bahrag,” Onua Nuva mused, “but they were also shackled to these symbols by some means. Now with the theft of the one, we have lost the other. It is a discomforting thing to ponder.”

“Thankfully, although they have lost some of their vibrancy, our masks still serve us,” Gali Nuva reported. “The Turaga believe that the event that transformed us and created our symbols may also have brought forth new Kanohi from Mata Nui. As we follow the creatures that have stolen our powers, we will seek these Kanohi Nuva and hope that they grant us the strength to protect our villages once more.”

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