From the Wall of History…

Defeat of the Bohrok-Kal

The Toa Nuva triumph again!

By Takua

By the time the Toa reached the lair of the Bahrag, the Bohrok-Kal had already arrived – and departed. They had melted through the floor to the cave below, where the Queens had been trapped since their defeat. Strangely, the Bahrag were being guarded by the Exo-Toa. How and why the Exo-Toa came to be there would remain a mystery, for the powerful devices were swiftly defeated by the might of the Bohrok-Kal.

To free the Queens, the Bohrok-Kal needed to touch Cahdok and Gahdok with their krana Xa-Kal and place the stolen Nuva symbols upon the cube in the cavern’s center. When the Toa Nuva arrived, the Kal had already completed the first part of their task!

The Toa Nuva quickly used their secret weapon: the Vahi, the Great Mask of Time. Using the Vahi is very dangerous, and Tahu knew that if he lost control, it could mean the unbinding of all reality. Time slowed, but the Bohrok-Kal were protected by a powerful energy field and could not be harmed. Acting fast, the Toa Nuva took one last gamble and channeled their energy through their symbols, straight into the Kal.

Energized by the elemental strength of the Toa, the Bohrok-Kal’s powers raged out of control, incapacitating or destroying their unliving shells. The krana-kal yet lived, but without their Bohrok hosts, they were no longer a threat. The Bahrag remained imprisoned, and the Swarms would not be unleashed this day.

As the Toa Nuva reclaimed their symbols, they felt their powers surge through them once more. They made their way to the surface and prepared to return to their villages. Another threat to Mata Nui had been defeated!

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