From the Wall of History…

Naming Day

Honoring the heroes of Ga-Koro

By Takua

Mata Nui has bestowed a great gift upon his people. Through the teachings of the Turaga, the Matoran have been transformed, becoming stronger and more agile, better able to defend their villages from danger. As all the villagers of Mata Nui gathered around the Kini-Nui, the Turaga made a momentous announcement.

“Brave Matoran,” began Nokama. “You have weathered a time of challenges with courage, spirit and unity. We wish especially to recognize those who stood against the Bohrok in the final battle against the swarms. In the face of darkness, you were a beacon of light for us all.”

Vakama raised his staff. “The defenders of Ga-Koro shall receive a special honor. Even as the Toa became the Toa Nuva, so too will these heroes have new names when their tale is carved in the chronicles.”

Jala was the first to be called. “Captain of the Ta-Koro Guard,” Vakama declared with pride. “Your valor and dedication to duty are an example to all. When your name is inscribed upon the Wall of History, you shall be known as Jaller.”

As the crowd cheered, Huki of Po-Koro and Maku of Ga-Koro too were granted new names. For their deeds at Ga-Koro, they will be known henceforth as Hewkii and Macku.

At last, Vakama called one final name. “Chronicler Takua…”

“Inscribe these names upon the Wall of History, as is your duty,” said Vakama sternly. “And try to spell them correctly.”

Now it is a time of great festivity and celebration. Matoran from all across Mata Nui gather in Po-Koro to exchange gifts and goods and to play in the village tournaments. After much consultation with Pohatu Nuva, Turaga Onewa has announced that the new form of Koli, played with Ga-Koro net-staffs, is to become the official Po-Koro sport of Kolhii.

As for Takua the Chronicler, who it seems shall forever remain only Takua the Chronicler, he too has held a small ceremony of naming. From this day forward, whenever her deeds are written on the great Wall of History, the faithful Ussal crab Puku shall be known by the name of Pewku.

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