From the Wall of History…

New Invention Saves Onu-Koro

“Boxor” drives Gahlok swarm from city

By Takua

After a vicious squad of Water Bohrok flooded Onu-Koro recently, a Matoran named Nuparu made an important discovery that may turn the tide against the Bohrok menace.

Nuparu, a tunnel engineer from Onu-Koro, constructed a vehicle called the Boxor that uses a swift punching motion to knock a Bohrok’s krana loose. The Onu-Matoran made the discovery when he came across a krana-less Gahlok while trapped with Onepu and Taipu in an evacuated part of Onu-Koro. Once Nuparu realized that the Bohrok were simply transports for the krana, he used his knowledge to give the Matoran an advantage. After constructing the Boxor, he beat back the aggressive Gahlok swarm, driving them out of the underground city and stopping the flood.

Onu-Matoran were delighted to return to their homes safely. “Finally we have a defense against these monsters,” Onepu said. “Maybe now we can rid Mata Nui of the Bohrok and go back to more peaceful times.”

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