From the Wall of History…

Tahnok Surround Po-Koro, Matoran Lost in the Fray

Hafu hailed as hero

By Takua

Hafu, the famed carver from Po-Koro, was trapped outside the village today in a desperate attempt to protect his home and fellow Matoran from a rapidly approaching Tahnok swarm.

“The last I saw, the Fire Bohrok were closing in on him,” explained Huki, “but the smoke and the ash were so thick that no one was able to see what happened.”

Scouts from Po-Koro had spotted the Bohrok earlier, but the swarm was moving so quickly that Turaga Onewa had no time to evacuate his village. The only alternative was to block the entrance to Po-Koro by using the stone carvings on the Path of Prophecy. Hafu, the carver who created the Path, volunteered to topple the giant stones in order to save the village. Turaga Onewa was gathering Matoran to protect Hafu when he heard the commotion.

“The Tahnok reached us much faster than we anticipated,” said the Turaga. “Fortunately, Hafu kept his head and acted quickly. His bravery may have saved the village.”

When asked if he thought that Hafu would be found, Turaga Onewa reassured the villagers. “Pohatu, along with Gali and Kopaka, have been defending Po-Wahi against a particularly fierce group of Tahnok – which is why we had a much smaller swarm to face today. I’m confident that once Pohatu returns, he will find Hafu and bring him back to us safely.”

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