From the Wall of History…

Turaga Shares Knowledge of Bohrok

Vakama explains mysterious powers of krana

By Takua

In recent days, Mata Nui has fallen prey to swarms of strange creatures called Bohrok. These Bohrok are said to be driven by the krana they carry inside them – but little is known about these krana. What do they do? Where did they come from? Can even the Toa overcome them? Turaga Vakama shared his vast knowledge of Mata Nui truth and legend in the hope of answering these vital questions.

T: Vakama, Turaga of Ta-Koro, what is a krana?

V: The krana are the true power behind the Bohrok swarms. They provide the direction and inspiration to each Bohrok. There are eight varieties, each having different powers. When placed inside a Bohrok, a krana drives the Bohrok to perform tasks. Krana can even be said to be the “brains” of the Bohrok.

T: Can the krana function independently of the Bohrok, or do they act more like the Kanohi Masks of Power?

V: We have seen a number of instances where krana have attached themselves to their foes and taken control of their bodies. Perhaps the most tragic example of this was in Le-Koro, not so long ago? It seems that when a Bohrok senses danger, it sets its krana free, and the krana attempts to add its foe to the swarm. Whether there is any way to resist the power of the krana, I do not yet know.

T: These krana are truly a terrible menace to all who dwell on Mata Nui.

V: Yes, they are cunning and powerful. We can only hope that the Toa, in their wisdom, can find a way to end this threat to our land.

Vakama had more to share, but that will be revealed at a later time. For now, see to the defenses of your villages – there is no way to know where or when the Bohrok will next appear.

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