From the Wall of History…

Hafu Saved in Daring Rescue

Pohatu returns hero to safety

By Takua

Pohatu returned to his village just in time to save the Matoran, Hafu, from certain doom at the hands of a swarm of Tahnok. The fire Bohrok had surrounded the helpless Matoran just outside of Po-Koro, but using the powers of his Kanohi, Pohatu snatched Hafu out of danger and returned him to the village unharmed.

Hafu was in a precarious situation after attempting to block the Tahnok from entering Po-Koro using his very own Path of Prophesies carvings. Sacrificing not only his art, but potentially his life, Hafu ventured from the safety of the village to dismantle the famed statues. The statues blocked the entrance from the Bohrok, protecting many Matoran from a potential disaster. The villagers of Po-Koro watched in horror from the gates as Hafu disappeared from sight.

“I knew the Toa were close by, and chances were good that Pohatu would be returning soon,” explained Turaga Onewa, “and like a Toa, he was here to help us in our darkest hour!”

The grateful Po-Koro Matoran were overjoyed to have Hafu back in the village.

“The Tahnok are still out there,” says Huki, “but we’re just glad to have Hafu back safe and sound with us!”

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