From the Wall of History…

Island Wildlife on the Move

Local naturalists concerned

By Takua

The arrival of the Bohrok swarms has taken a serious toll on island creatures. Gahlok activity off the coast has driven a number of Takea closer to the shore, where they menace diving Taku and disrupt the migration of the Ruki schools.

One Ga-Koro fisherman responded, “In addition to threatening our homes, the Bohrok are also threatening our livelihood!”

The deforestation of the Le-Wahi jungle has sent herds of Vako and Fusa wandering deep into the desert to compete for food with the native Husi flocks. The Hoi and Kuna have lost the shelter of the trees, making them easy prey for Rahi. Destruction of Fikou webs has caused the tree spiders to flee to the high jungle canopy, territory of the swift-flying Goko-Kahu.

The Ussal-riding defense force of Onu-Koro has had its hands full with a surge in Kofo-Jaga, chased from their hidden lairs, while scouts warn that the mountain-shaking of the Nuhvok and Pahrak has brought a few dangerous Makika Toads out of their caves. In fiery Ta-Wahi, besieged by the frozen Kohrak, the tunnels of displaced Hoto firebugs have been creating sinkholes and causing hut collapses. Even the fierce Hikaki have been forced to abandon their ancient nesting grounds.

The Bohrok swarms are a threat to every creature of Mata Nui, from Matoran to Rahi. Hopefully, the swarms will be contained soon before irreparable damage is done to the island.

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