From the Wall of History…

Le-Koro Liberated!

Boxors instrumental in Nuhvok defeat

By Takua

The Bohrok invasion of the Le-Wahi jungle and Le-Koro resulted in the loss of many hightree villagers. Even Toa Lewa was overcome by the evil krana! But thanks to the courage of Onua, Toa of Earth, Lewa has been freed, and now the mighty Toa search together beneath the surface of the island for the Bohrok nest.

Not forgetting the lost Matoran of Le-Koro, the Toa sent Nuparu, the Onu-Koro engineer, to meet under the cover of darkness with the last free villagers of Le-Koro. Together with the high-flying Kongu and Tamaru the bird-tamer, Le-Koro’s liberation was planned and a cunning trap prepared for the Bohrok.

The brave Kongu and Tamaru led a force of Nuhvok and krana-controlled villagers to the forest edge. Believing them trapped, the Bohrok prepared to capture the last of Le-Koro – only to face a force of Boxors as they rose from hiding! Thanks to Nuparu’s Boxor squad and the element of surprise, the krana that controlled the Bohrok and Matoran were successfully removed.

The Turaga have called for a great feast and festival to celebrate this day’s victory. A shaken but grateful Matau said, “At long last, the darkdream is over. Sunbright Le-Koro and her people are free! As we rebuild, our thoughts must turn to the Toa and the great challenge that they face beneath Mata Nui. May they succeed in their quest!”

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