From the Wall of History…

Last-Moment Save!

Ga-Koro Matoran rescued by Koli champion

By Takua

With a swarm of Pahrak battering at the gates, the Matoran of Ga-Koro today attempted to dismantle the floating path that connects their village to the shore of Lake Naho. But before they could finish, the gate was shattered by the might of the Bohrok, sending stone fragments everywhere. One nearly struck Maku, but was deflected just in time by the last Matoran one would expect to see in watery Ga-Koro: Huki, Koli champion of the village of Stone.

“Maku is a good friend,” said Huki after the exciting rescue, “and I…enjoy her company greatly. When I saw that boulder come flying at her, I didn’t have time to think. I just swung!”

And a lucky swing it was, too, for the stone not only missed Maku but also destroyed the path, preventing the Pahrak from reaching the village. But why were the Matoran of Po-Wahi there?

“Our village was badly damaged in the Bohrok’s last assault,” explained Turaga Onewa sadly. “We came to Ga-Koro in search of sanctuary until the threat of the swarms is past – but we did not expect to arrive in the middle of a Pahrak siege!”

With the Bohrok in retreat, the Matoran of Ga-Koro have begun to relax. But how long will this safety last? Jala, Captain of the Ta-Koro Guard, urges caution. “The Pahrak are stubborn,” he warned. “They do not give up easily. I fear that the danger is still very much present.”

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