From the Wall of History…

Disaster in Ga-Koro!

Bohrok raid floating village

By Takua

Disaster struck late last night as a force of Pahrak destroyed Ga-Wahi’s great monument to the Toa Gali, smashing the famous cliffside Kanohi to create a bridge of rubble from the beach to the floating village of Ga-Koro.

“It was terrible,” Turaga Nokama said. “Our most skilled artisans labored to create that carving, and it was gone in an instant. All of that beauty and craftsmanship was just another obstacle for the Bohrok to destroy.”

But Ga-Koro’s troubles were about to become much worse. As dawn broke, the Pahrak swept across the bridge, shattering everything in their path. Nuparu’s Boxors rose to challenge them, but found themselves plunged into the waters of Lake Naho.

“My poor Boxors are designed for land, not lily pads,” mourned Nuparu. “They did their best, but they just don’t float. We’re lucky that Maku and Kotu were there to pull us out in time.” The engineer paused for a moment. “You know, perhaps if we were to attach hollow shell-seeds to the sides, and maybe add a gear-driven propeller system…”

With the Pahrak stranded on another pad, the villagers of Ga-Koro thought that they were safe…until a Pahrak Va suddenly appeared on the scene.

Turaga Onewa explains: “Those Pahrak Va – goatdogs, we call them in Po-Wahi – they carry extra krana for the swarm. This one replaced the Bohrok’s krana with Krana Vu, letting them take to the air.”

As the Pahrak hurtled toward the huddled villagers and refugees of Ga-Koro, one question was on every Matoran’s mind.

Who could possibly stand up to the Bohrok?

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