Hahli travels to each of the koro to practice her kolhii skills with the other teams in preparation for the Championship. During her visits, each of the Turaga congratulate her on making it to the Championship and impart words of encouragement.

“Well, well, if it isn’t the kolhii-master from Ga-Koro!” says Turaga Whenua in Onu-Koro. “Shouldn’t you be hurrying to Ta-Koro for the championship? The Matoran are excited to see the game. Everyone from the participating villages is getting ready to make the long journey there! May Onua give you strength in the competition!”

“So, you have returned to peaceful Ko-Koro,” Matoro translates for Turaga Nuju. “I have heard of your great successes on the kolhii fields of Mata Nui. You have brought great honor to your village. Now, you must go to Ta-Koro to face their team, and that of Po-Koro, in the Championship. Then the true test will begin.”

“Should you not be going, Hahli?” chides Turaga Matau in Le-Koro. “I have heard that you and Macku have made it to the Championship. Hardluck have we Le-Matoran, but I wish I could see the game. I shall cheer for you from Le-Koro! Good luck in the Championship, Hahli!”

“Hello again, Hahli!” Turaga Onewa welcomes her in Po-Koro. “I have heard that Ga-Koro has also made it to the Championship. Congratulations! So did Po-Koro, of course, so you will be facing Hewkii and Hafu on the kolhii field again. Good luck, Matoran! You will need it!

“You will be welcome in Po-Koro for the victory celebration!” Onewa calls after her as she departs.

When she is ready, she returns to Ta-Koro. Inside the Chamber of History, Turaga Vakama greets her.

“Welcome back to Ta-Koro, Hahli,” he says. “The Toa, Turaga, and all of Ta-Koro, Po-Koro, and Ga-Koro have assembled within these walls to see the Championship. Go now to the kolhii field, and face your destiny.”

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