“Matoran of Ga-Koro hear me!” Nokama proclaims. “I have returned with great news. The Turaga of Mata Nui have been in conference in Kini-Nui, pondering the Great Thoughts. The swarms are gone, and the evil plot of the Bohrok-Kal is defeated. A time of peace is upon us.

“We sought a way to honor this new prosperity. Therefore, we have decreed a great kolhii tournament. Matches will be played all across Mata Nui, and the Championship will be held at the season’s end in the newly built kolhii stadium in Ta-Koro.

“Each Turaga need choose two champions to represent their village. It was a hard decision, and it may surprise some of you. I’ve chosen Macku! And… Hahli.”

As everyone looks with surprise at Hahli, Nokama goes to her hut. Hahli follows, taking the northern pathway. Inside Nokama’s hut, which is bigger than the others, there is a giant flower. Nokama is standing in front of it.

“Hello Hahli,” says Nokama.

“Why did you choose me?” asks the Ga-Matoran.

“I looked in the waters for answers, and to my surprise the face in the waters was yours,” answers Nokama enigmatically.

“How can I get ready?”

“Train, and you will be ready,” answers the Turaga.


“You can train with Matoran all over Ga-Koro and the other villages.”

As she is leaving, Hahli notices a golden key beside Nokama. She picks it up.

Then she heads to the home of Macku, now her teammate. Entering, she finds the Ga-Matoran.

“Hi Hahli. I guess we’re team-mates now! I know you’ve never played kolhii before, but I trust Turaga Nokama. I can help you with your game. Just ask!” offers Macku.

“How can I get better at kolhii?”

“We Ga-Matoran believe that Speed is the way to victory. If you can learn the secret of Speed, you can win! There might be some around Ga-Koro that can help you to get faster. And don’t forget to teach me any tricks you learn!”

“Can I practice?”

“To be good at kolhii, you need to improve all six of your skills. It is rumored that masters can be found in the wildernesses of Mata Nui, but I don’t know where. If you find them, maybe they can teach you.”

“I’d like to practice,” says Hahli.

“If you’re going to get good at kolhii, you need to train in all of your skills. I’ve heard of a Ga-Matoran that knows about Speed… you should look around, maybe you can find her.”

“I want to know more about kolhii,” says Hahli.

“I’ll help in any way I can! Ask away,” says Macku.

“What are the rules of kolhii?”

“The rules are simple: get the ball, and get it in the enemy’s team goal using your kolhii stick, feet, head, or body… the only thing you can’t use are your hands,” states Macku.

“How many teams are there?”

“All the Tournament matches are played with two teams and two goals, but the Championship will be played by three teams and three goals. That’s harder, but it’s not for a long time, so you don’t have to worry about that yet,” answers Macku.

“How many players are on each team?”

“There can be any number of players – as long as the teams are even. All the Tournament matches have two players per team.”

“What positions are there?” asks Hahli.

“I’m goal-keeper, and you’re forward.”

“How do we win?”

“There’s four quarters. The team that has more goals at the end of the fourth quarter is the winner! If it’s tied, though, it can go into overtime.”

“Do I need any equipment?”

“We use the kolhii stick now… it’s kind of a new thing. It’s important to have a good kolhii stick. Kailani can make you one if you give her the materials. Some wood is better than others!”

“Wood?” asks Hahli.

“You should ask around to find what the best materials are for a kolhii stick,” says Macku.

“Who do we play?” asks Hahli.

“Onepu and Taipu, the team from Onu-Koro, are here to play a match. They’re camped near the beach,” answers the goal-keeper.

“Do you have any advice?”

“Onu-Matoran have incredible Stamina. They can play for hours without ever getting tired. But they are slow!” says Macku.

“Where do we play?”

“We play at the Kolhii Pad, south of the Town Square.”

“When do we play?”

“When you’re ready, go tell Turaga Nokama. She will send word to the Onu-Matoran team to meet us at the Kolhii Pad. I’m ready whenever you are!”

“How do you know so much about kolhii?” Hahli finally asks.

“I visit Hewkii of Po-Koro every now and then. He’s the best kolhii player in all of Mata Nui! We spend a lot of time together… playing kolhii of course!” states Macku.

With nothing more to ask, Hahli heads out. In the town square, Hahli notices a hut she had not seen before and heads toward it.

There’s a sign that says not to disturb, but Hahli ignores it. The hut is locked, but once she tries the key she found at Nokama’s, it opens.

As she enters, she notices a Matoran.

“Gali save us! Uh? Who? What are you doing in my laboratory?” the Matoran demands.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Nixie! This is a very private laboratory. I’m very busy studying the Wall of Stars! Who do you think you are?” the Matoran snaps.

“I’m Hahli,” she answers.

“Hahli… the assistant flax-maker? Now, where have I seen that name before?” mutters Nixie to herself.

“My name?” asks Hahli.

“Oh! I know! Hm…” Nixie exclaims.

“What are you doing?” Hahli questions.

“I’m working on the Formula… Something is stirring… I don’t know what, but the Stars are making strange patterns, and there are storms, like in the old days…” says Nixie, more to herself than to Hahli.

“Formula?” asks Hahli.

“The stars are very precise. The first part is easy: the first letter of the patron Toa of Unity. The second part is harder. Start by multiplying the villages by the Principles that they follow. Add the Great Spirit and his banished brother, and also the Toa Kaita… finally, add the Virtues. Subtract one for the Chronicler, divide by the number of Toa…” Nixie relates.

“What does it mean?” asks Hahli.

“I don’t know… it’s very strange.”

Wishing to leave, Hahli bids the astrologer goodbye.

Recalling that Shasa mentioned Unity in her speeches, Hahli goes down to her hut.

As she enters, Shasa says, “I’m glad you were chosen to be Kolhii Champion, Hahli. I’m sure you will honor Ga-Koro and Mata Nui. Did you want some weaving?”

“Weaving?” repeats Hahli.

“Sailcloth, nets, that sort of thing. Weaving teaches a lot about Unity,” states Shasa.

“Unity?” inquires Hahli.

“Unity is what makes a fishing net strong! Unity is what we strive for in Ga-Koro. We depend on it to do our work. If the weaver’s reeds are not united, the cloth is weak. If the Sailor’s flax is not united, the rope is frayed. And only united together, can the people of Ga-Koro speed their works on Purity,” says Shasa.

“Work?” asks Hahli.

“The Great Spirit charges us with the task of keeping the waters pure. But the sea is boundless, and the lakes and the rivers flow endlessly. Alone, I can’t do what it is asked. But united, we can do it! Here, take this Charm. I have carried it a long time. Let it always remind you of the Virtue of Unity!” says Shasa, handing Hahli a small circular stone with a symbol on it.

“Pure?” says Hahli.

“From Unity comes Purity! Marka the Shipwright knows more about Purity, if you’re interested.”

“Goodbye,” says Hahli.

“Gali’s Wisdom be with you,” replies Shasa.

Hahli takes her map out. Reading it, she finds out that Marka is generally at the docks.

“So you’re our new Kolhii Champion, eh?” says Marka as she sees Hahli. “Well, stranger things have happened. Best of luck. I suppose that now you’ve got kolhii to train for, you won’t be off fetching supplies for my shipyard.”

“Can you help me?” asks Hahli.

“I’m a Shipwright. If you need a boat, I’m your girl! But don’t ask me about it now. I’m trying to get hold of some supplies.”

“Boat?” repeats Hahli.

“Good ship-building is an art! Maybe someday I’ll make you one.”


“These boats are built for speed. They are made from very pure materials,” says Marka.


“Purity is what we strive for in Ga-Koro. It’s our job to keep the waters Pure. If your mind is pure, you can have visions, like Turaga Nokama and Toa Gali. And most of all, Purity grants Ga-Matoran great Speed!” exclaims Marka. “Here, since you’re so interested in Purity, take this stone. It bears the symbol of Purity. I found it once, a long time ago, while cutting some wood near the falls. Maybe it can help you somehow.” While speaking, she hands Hahli a stone like Shasa’s charm, but with a different symbol.


“Speed comes from Purity. I use only the purest wood and seaweed in my boats. If you want to know more about Speed, you should talk to Kai, the Sailor,” answers Marka.

“Supplies?” asks Hahli.

“Rope, sailcloth, rigging, you name it! I’ll trade widgets for any you can bring me,” assures Marka.

Hahli bids Marka goodbye and goes to Kai’s house.

“Hello Hahli, our new kolhii champion! What an honor! I’m making rope as fast as I can. Maybe you can help!” says Kai as Hahli enters.

“Fast?” asks Hahli.

“If you want to improve your Speed, you should talk to me. Sailors are very speedy!” says Kai.


“Ga-Matoran are famous for their Speed! When the water’s Pure, you can go very fast on the open sea. From Purity comes Speed. Here, take my charm! It represents Speed. It’s very old. Maybe it will bring you luck!” Hahli takes the charm which looks similar to the others she already has.

“Speed?” inquires Hahli.

“The fastest thing I ever saw was the Takea Shark, deep beneath the sea. It’s terribly dangerous, but legend has it that the Takea Shark will teach its Speed to anyone that can catch it!”

“Catch it?” asks Hahli.

“You can find it at coordinates C9. I bet Pelagia can take you there,” says Kai.

As Hahli is walking toward the village, she decides to take the walkway leading to the shore. After passing the gate, she turns to the right and sees two Matoran camped on the beach. But they are not Ga-Matoran: one is an Onu-Matoran, and the other seems to be Hafu, a Po-Matoran.

As Hafu sees her, he says: “Hello. Is it always so bright here by the sea? The waves are so loud! It is very pretty though. Do you have anything for a headache?”

“Hello, Hafu,” says Hahli.

“I’m not Hafu! I’m Taipu! Why does everyone think I am Hafu, and he is me? We’re not even from the same village!” the irritated Matoran exclaims.

“Headache?” asks Hahli.

“When we left Onu-Koro, Turaga Whenua said we can win if we use our heads. When the ball is headed for the goal, it’s my job to stop it, so I use my head! Onepu says that is not what he meant. We have been practicing a lot,” says Taipu.

At that moment, the other Onu-Matoran takes notice of Hahli. “Look, Taipu. It’s one of Toa Gali’s water-maidens. Good day to you, Ga-Matoran! I hope you are well.”

“Who are you?” asks Hahli.

“I’m Onepu, High Commander of the Ussalry, Veteran of the Makuta Wars, right hand of Turaga Whenua, and Champion Kolhii Forward of Onu-Koro. At your service, my Lady,” says Onepu.

“What are you doing here?” asks Hahli.

“Ah, you have noticed that our humble accommodations do not suit my station. Do not fret, good Lady! I’m as rugged as any Onu-Matoran. Besides, we’ll remain only until we have won the match for Onu-Koro. Then we shall journey home, to receive accolades befitting a returning champion,” says Onepu.

Before leaving, Hahli takes a look at the krana pit and admires the Naho Falls, rushing out of a statue of the great Kaukau Nuva.

While getting back to the town square, Hahli stops at the Barter Shop. Inside, there’s a Ga-Matoran.

“If you’re looking to barter, stocks are low until the merchants can get into town,” she says.

“Who are you?” asks Hahli.

“I’m Okoth, the Trader. If you’re looking to barter, this is the place,” Okoth answers.


“I trade for widgets.”

“Will you trade with me?”

“All I can trade now are air bladders, for swimming. They’re 5 widgets each. I’m afraid I’ve got nothing else to trade until the merchants get back into town,” says Okoth.

Since to practice speed she will have to stay underwater for a long time, Hahli buys as many air bladders as she can. Knowing that she will need more air bladders as well as a kolhii stick, and therefore requires more widgets, Hahli immediately begins gathering supplies to make items to sell to Marka.

Hahli collects a great amount of Harakeke, cowrie shells, bamboo wood, and seaweed. Then she goes to Amaya’s hut.

“Hi again!” says the Ga-Matoran. “If you’re not too tired from your kolhii training, I could sure use help making flax for Kai. I’ve never had a Kolhii Champion to make flax, though. It’s unbelievable!”

“Unbelievable?” repeats Hahli.

“Well, you’ve never played kolhii before! And Kotu is our best player. But Nokama chose you. Strange, isn’t it?” says Amaya.

Hahli then gives Amaya the plants and shells needed, getting a quantity of flax in return.

The next stop is Kai’s house. There, Hahli gives all her flax to the sailor, who makes string and rope out of it and gives these to Hahli.

Going back on her way, Hahli stops at Shasa’s house. There, she gives the string and rope, collecting in exchange some sailcloth, some rigging and a net from the weaver.

She also stops at Kotu’s house to obtain a bamboo pole from her wood. Then she goes to Kailani’s, and gives her cowrie shells to craft the fishhooks necessary to make a kolhii stick, asking then for the stick itself.

Finally, she returns to the docks.

“I have some supplies to trade,” she informs Marka.

“No kidding? Great! I’ll barter one widget for a rope or sailcloth. Rigging is worth 30 per,” replies Marka.

After trading most of her supplies, Hahli sets off for Okoth’s shop, where she buys as many air bladders as she can.

Then she returns to the docks, hoping to find someone who will take her to C9, to catch Takea.

Reaching the dock where she previously found bamboo, she finds a Ga-Matoran standing by a docked boat.

“Hello, Hahli. Can I take you somewhere?” the Matoran asks.

“Who are you?” asks Hahli.

“I’m Pelagia. I run the Ferry,” answers the Matoran.

“Ferry?” asks Hahli.

“I can’t take you to any of the other villages right now, on account of the storms. The sea has been angry lately. I do not know why. But I can take you deep-sea diving, if you wish,” answers Pelagia.

“Deep-sea diving?” repeats Hahli.

“Sometimes Toa Gali swims there, to care for it and keep it Pure. And there are… things… in the darkness of the Deep. If you wish to dive, I suggest you take some air bladders with you.”

“Air bladders?”

“Even Ga-Matoran can run out of air, if they dive down deep,” explains Pelagia. “Okoth has some for trade if you wish. If you have great stamina, you can hold your breath for longer.”

Her curiosity satisfied, Hahli pays Pelagia one widget to take her to C9.

Once at the right coordinates, Hahli dives. Reaching deeper waters, she sees a Takea shark swimming between some seaweed. She swims toward it, trying to match its pace. After successfully catching up to it several times, she is satisfied with her swimming speed.

After practicing her speed, Hahli asks Pelagia to take her back to port.

Once back in Ga-Koro, Hahli goes to Nokama’s hut.

“I’m ready to face the team from Onu-Koro,” she says.

“Then I shall call the match. Good luck, Hahli,” Nokama replies.

Hahli heads for the Kolhii Pad and a match between the Ga-Matoran and Onu-Matoran ensues. Making use of the Speed gained from her training, Hahli and Macku emerge victorious.

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