Following Ga-Koro’s victory over Onu-Koro in Hahli’s first kolhii match, she takes the opportunity to briefly visit Turaga Nokama in her hut to discuss strategies for the rest of the Tournament. After being advised to train herself in the various Kolhii Skills of each village, Hahli departs Nokama’s hut.

As she readies herself to leave Ga-Koro, Hahli is congratulated by her fellow Ga-Matoran.

“Alright! Great game, Hahli!” Macku tells her. “We really showed ‘em what Ga-Matoran are made of! You did great!”

“Congratulations, Hahli,” Kotu says a bit begrudgingly. “I bet you think you did a pretty good job. Better look out, though, because Onepu and Taipu aren’t very good. Pride is a poison, you know.”

“Great game, Hahli!” says Amaya. “Onu-Koro has a good team, too. I saw the whole thing! You’re getting really good at kolhii! I bet you’ll go all the way!”

“By the Sacred Waters, that was a great match you played against Onu-Koro, Hahli!” Marka exclaims. “Honestly, I didn’t think you had it in you. Shows you what I know about kolhii. I better keep to my shipyard and supplies!”

“I saw the match against Onu-Koro, Hahli,” Kailani says excitedly. “Great job! You’ve gotten much better at kolhii! Did you need me to make something for you?”

“Hi, Hahli! What a great match against Onu-Koro!” says Kai. “I can’t believe you won! Great job! You were very fast. Maybe making all that rope helped.”

“Congratulations on your victory, Hahli,” Shasa congratulates. “It was a wonderful game! Onu-Koro was not as unified as you and Macku. But, they have no weavers.”

After saying her final goodbyes, Hahli travels down the lilypad causeway through the town gate to the shore. Gazing down the shoreline, she can see that the Onu-Matoran team has abandoned their camp and returned to Onu-Koro. She continues through a narrow pathway with a sign marked “Old Fusa Path,” passing large groves of Harakeke and bamboo. Soon, the path opens out to the beautiful expanses of the Mata Nui interior.

Hahli passes a small sparkling lake and rocky outcroppings covered in moss before arriving at a crossroads. Taking the middle path towards the mountains, Hahli arrives at a post and lintel doorway which leads underground. She passes through it and travels along a dark path filled with stalactite formations and lit by the occasional lightstone. At the end of the path, Hahli can make out a doorway emanating light. As she approaches, she can see an Onu-Matoran guarding the doorway.

“Good day, Ga-Matoran. Welcome to Onu-Koro,” the guard says.

“Onu-Koro?” Hahli asks.

“Toa Onua’s city,” he replies.

“Goodbye,” she says.

“Be safe,” the guard says. He returns to his post.

Hahli wanders around the eastern Onu-Koro town square and crosses a small bridge leading over an underground stream towards a large, impressive looking hut marked with lightstones mounted on pikes in the ground. She enters the hut to find a diminutive figure contemplating an elaborate earth formation covered in shining lightstones. As she draws closer, he turns to speak to her.

“Well, if it isn’t Hahli of Ga-Koro!” he says with a smile. “As long as you’re not here to gloat, welcome to Onu-Koro, water-spirit. Onepu and Taipu have returned to tell us of your victory. Since you beat us in kolhii, maybe you can help repair our wounded pride by giving us a hand around here.”

“Who are you?” Hahli asks.

“I am Turaga Whenua of Onu-Koro,” the figure answers. “I oversee all the work you see going on around you: the miners, the guildmasters, the merchants, the laborers, the Ussalry, the shrine to Onua. It is my job to keep everything running smoothly.”

“Gloat?” says Hahli.

“Well, you won the match against our team,” explains the Turaga. “You may praise yourself, and feel vanity; but you shouldn’t, because vanity brings Hunger. Hunger is the enemy of Prosperity”

“Onu-Koro?” she repeats.

“Onua’s fine village,” the Turaga replies. “The mines are where all the ore, rock, lightstones, and most of all, protodermis, comes from. We ship all over the island. It’s hard work to live a virtuous life, but the rewards are great!”

“Virtuous?” Hahli questions.

“The great spirit has taught us much, and gave to us the three Virtues. If you wish to know more, you should speak to Aiyetoro the miner, for he contemplates these things often.”

“Rewards?” she asks.

“In Onu-Koro we follow an important Principle. You should talk to Mamru, the Chief Prospector. He knows much of this Principle and has made us all wealthy.”

“Hard work?” Hahli ponders.

“The Mining Captain, Dosne, knows all about labor!” he tells her. “If you want to learn how to work hard, he’s the one to talk to. He can tell you of this skill.”

“A hand?” she asks eagerly.

“We’ve done a lot of work since the Gahlok invasion,” explains Whenua. “We expanded the Marn tunnels, but the Great Mine couldn’t be saved. Some of the guild captains lost valuable equipment in the flood, and could probably use a good Ga-Matoran swimmer.”

“Goodbye,” Hahli says.

“Onua’s strength be with you, Hahli,” he replies, turning back to face the glow of the lightstones.

Hahli exits Whenua’s hut and decides to explore the village a little more before she starts to help the Matoran of Onu-Koro. She enters the hut opposite Whenua’s and discovers Onepu.

“So, you have accepted my invitation to visit our great city, after all!” he says warmly. “You are welcome to Onu-Koro, water-spirit!”

Thinking that she could benefit from some practice while in Onu-Koro, Hahli tells him, “I’d like to practice kolhii.”

“I am at your service, Champion,” Onepu replies. “Any time you wish to face Taipu and I, we are ready! Just tell Turaga Whenua, and I am certain he will permit a scrimmage.”

“Goodbye,” Hahli says.

“Farewell!” the Onu-Matoran calls after her.

Outside, Hahli recognizes a Matoran named Nuparu, muttering to himself.

“No, that won’t do. We need to boost the efficiency. We’re losing power in the grid transfer… huh?” He notices Hahli, and exclaims “Oh, a Ga-Matoran! I thought it was an away game! Am I late? Is it over?!”

“What are you doing?” Hahli asks.

“I’m the Engineer,” says Nuparu. “I do maintenance and diagnostics. I maintain all the equipment around here. I also do check-ups on the miners.”

“Check-ups?” she repeats.

“I can tell you how strong you are, how fast you are, that sort of thing,” Nuparu explains. “If you want a check-up, come by my hut!”

He departs without saying goodbye, distracted by his work. Hahli follows him to a large ornate doorway with the words “Onu-Koro Great Mine” above it. She walks down the dark pathway, but before she reaches the end of the road, the clanking sounds of mining machinery and glow of lightstones coming from a doorway to her left distracts her. Inside this room, several Matoran are hard at work. Hahli notices a small pile of mineral on the floor which she identifies as ore and places in her satchel.

Among the Matoran, Hahli recognizes Taipu and approaches him.

“Hello!” the miner says enthusiastically. “You are the lady from bright Ga-Koro! Are you here to help me dig?”

“Dig?” Hahli repeats.

“I carry the ore from the mines to the work-piles,” Taipu explains. “It is hard work. I can carry rocks for a long time. Onepu says it is because I have Stamina.”

Remembering what Macku had said about the Onu-Koro Kolhii Skill, Hahli requests, “I would like to learn Stamina.”

“Dosne is the mining captain,” Taipu answers. “If he says it is okay, I will show you!”

Determined to train in Stamina, Hahli sets off to find Dosne among the Matoran working in the tunnel. One of them is marching around very officially, so Hahli decides to see if he is the Mining Captain.

“Get that digger back! Try Marn 12!” he shouts above the din. Noticing Hahli, he says, “Huh? Look out there, Surfacer. If you’re here for the game, it’s over, Ga-Koro won. Try to stay out of the way! We’ve got a lot of hard work to do, and can’t help tourists!”

“Who are you?” Hahli asks.

“I’m the Mining Captain, and I’m busy,” the Matoran, whom Hahli now realizes must be Dosne, replies.

“Can I help?” Hahli asks tentatively.

“Hm, you’re a Ga-Matoran, aren’t you? Good swimmers,” Dosne thinks aloud. “Come to think of it, maybe you can help. When the Gahlok flooded the Great Mine, we lost a digger down there. Expensive piece of equipment, we need every one we’ve got. If you can bring it back, I’ll reward you. We can’t get our work done without it!”

Before she sets off in search of the equipment Dosne mentioned, Hahli decides to talk to a few more Matoran. One of the miners is breathing heavily with exertion as she turns to speak to him.

“Huh? A Ga-Matoran? Here?” he says, surprised. “Hey… you’re not spying on our kolhii team, are you?”

“Who are you?” Hahli asks.

“I’m a miner,” he replies. “It’s my job to dig all the ore out of these mines. Gives me a lot of time to think about Virtue.”

“Virtue?” she repeats, realizing that this must be Aiyetoro.

“I’d tell you about it, but I haven’t finished my shift. If you brought me a lightstone, I could get it done faster, and then we could talk.”

“Lightstone?” she inquires.

“Everyone thinks Onu-Matoran can see in the dark. Well we can, but not if it’s completely dark!” Aiyetoro explains, exasperated. “Then we’re as blind as anyone.”

Hahli makes a mental note to be on the lookout for lightstones and approaches another Matoran.

“This looks like a good spot. Let’s try it,” one of the Onu-Matoran whispers to himself. Suddenly, he notices Hahli. “Oh, hello. A Ga-Matoran. Nice game, I didn’t think you water-dwellers could beat our boys.”

“Who are you?” Hahli asks.

“I am the Chief Prospector,” he answers. “It’s my job to find the ore. It is easy if you follow the Principle of Onu-Koro.”

“Principle?” Hahli repeats, remembering Whenua’s mention of Mamru, the Chief Prospector.

“You should talk to Azibo,” Mamru advises. “He’s my best prospector, very talented. He knows a lot about the Principle.”

“Goodbye,” she says as he returns to his work. Hahli approaches another Onu-Matoran whom she guesses to be Azibo.

“Hm?” he grunts as she walks over to him. “Oh. A Ga-Matoran? If you’re looking for the kolhii field, the match isn’t here. It’s an away game, being held in Ga-Koro.”

“Who are you?” Hahli asks.

“I am one of Chief Mamru’s prospectors,” Azibo answers. “My work is based on the Principle of Onu-Koro.”

“Principle?” she questions hopefully.

“Well, I’d like to tell you about it but my sluice has fallen in this crevice. If I had a hook and a string, I bet I could get it out!”

Thinking about the chores that she has been tasked with by the various Onu-Matoran, Hahli leaves the Marn Tunnel and heads towards the flooded Great Mine. Diving into the water, Hahli can see several submerged cave entrances. Inside the cave, there is thankfully a small air pocket, but no tools or lightstones. Instead, there are several short pillars of earth which look like they might yield something if cracked open. Hahli tries to break them down with her sickle and hatchet, but both prove ineffective against the tightly-packed earth.

Taking a deep breath of air, she re-enters the watery chamber, and tries another cave, to no avail. Determined to help, the Ga-Matoran dives deeper to the lower levels. The water pressure here is extremely taxing on Hahli, and she is forced to use some of her air bladders to make it to the lower caves. In the third cave, Hahli discovers a tool which she takes to be the digger. In the fifth cave, she finally finds a lightstone lying on the ground of the cave. Placing it in her satchel, she examines the cave and notices a deposit of a smooth, light blue substance. As with the earth pillars, she is unable to harvest it with any of her tools. Having found what she came for, Hahli does not bother to investigate any of the lower caves and returns to the surface. Re-entering the Marn Tunnel, Hahli finds Dosne.

“I’ve got the Digger,” she tells him.

“You have? Thanks!” Dosne replies. “Here’s some widgets for your trouble,” he says, handing her 20 widgets. “Mining is hard work with the right equipment, and it’s even harder without it!”

“Hard work?” Hahli repeats.

“It is hard work to follow the Principle of Onu-Koro,” he admits. “When we do, we are given the gift of Stamina!”


“Stamina gives you the power to dig forever,” Dosne explains. “If you want Stamina, you should talk to Taipu, he is our best digger! He has greater Stamina than anyone in Onu-Koro. Since you found the Digger, I suppose it can’t hurt for you to talk to him. I’ll tell him it’s okay. But don’t keep him away from his digging too long!”

“Goodbye,” says Hahli.

“So long!” he answers.

Hahli approaches Taipu. “I would like to learn Stamina,” she tells him.

“I can show you!” the miner responds excitedly. “Let us carry rocks together.”

“Okay!” Hahli shares his enthusiasm.

“Here…” he says, directing her to a pile of rocks. Hahli must pick up a heavy rock and carry it a long distance to the rock pile. It is incredibly tiring, but as she continues her training, she finds that she is slowly increasing her endurance and that the task becomes easier each time. After thanking Taipu, Hahli seeks out Aiyetoro next.

“I have a lightstone here,” she says, removing it from her satchel.

“Really?” Aiyetoro replies incredulously. “Thanks! Here, take some widgets for your hard work,” he says as he hands her twenty-five widgets. “Now, what did you want to ask me?”

“Virtue?” Hahli repeats her question from the previous conversation.

“We toil away all day in the mines. It’s both our duty and our destiny!”

“Duty and Destiny?” she ponders.

“Onua gazes upon the Earth and sees riches,” Aiyetoro says proudly. “It is our Duty to dig, and our Destiny to find them! The combination of Duty and Destiny brings the Principle!”

“Principle?” Hahli asks.

“The prospector Azibo can tell you about the Principle we follow in Onu-Koro,” he advises.

Remembering that she has not yet completed Azibo’s task, Hahli searches in her satchel for a hook and some string, but she is upset to discover that she does not have a hook. Hoping that she might be able to obtain one from a trader in Onu-Koro, Hahli leaves the Marn Tunnel and returns to the eastern town square.

Sure enough, the hut closest to the Onu-Ga-Koro Highway belongs to a trader named Zemya. Among his wares, Hahli notices several familiar items, including hooks and bundles of ore and protodermis. Wondering if such materials can be found in the pillars of earth in the Great Mine caves, she reasons that tools to extract them must be available somewhere in Onu-Koro. After trading for a hook, Hahli visits the hut next door, where an Onu-Matoran greets her.

“A Ga-Matoran?” he exclaims. “I thought it was an away game? Has it started? Am I late?”

“Who are you?” Hahli asks.

“I am the Crafter. I make tools and equipment for the miners,” he explains.

“Can you make me something?” she asks.

“Certainly,” he answers. “With 10 bamboo wood and 5 ore, I can make a pickaxe. With 20 bamboo wood and 1 net, I can make a sluice. What’ll it be?”

Hahli trades the necessary materials to acquire one of each type of tool.

“Goodbye,” she says after storing the tools in her satchel.

“Glad to help!” the crafter responds.

Hahli visits a final hut off the eastern town square before she returns to the Marn Tunnel. Inside this hut, she notices Nuparu hard at work repairing vehicles that she recognizes as Boxors from the time that they were used to defend Ga-Koro during the attack of the Bohrok swarms.

“Hm…” he mutters. “Yes, looks like we’ll need to work on these supports… and the equipment will never fit down here.”

“I’d like a check-up,” Hahli asks politely.

“Certainly,” Nuparu acquiesces. “I can tell you about your Strength, your Speed, your Accuracy, your Stamina, your Willpower, or your Strategy. Which will it be?”

Because she is unfamiliar with four of the six mentioned skills, Hahli receives an evaluation of her Speed and Stamina, both of which are well-trained. “Goodbye,” she says as she readies to leave.

“Take care of yourself!” he calls after her.

She returns to the Marn Tunnel to speak to Azibo.

“I have a fishhook and a string,” she tells him.

“You do? Perfect!” he replies. “Now I’ll be able to get back to work, and pursue our town’s Principle. And here’s some widgets for your trouble!” he says as he hands her twenty-five widgets.

“Principle?” Hahli repeats.

“Onu-Koro is based on the Principle of Prosperity! Following the Principle of Prosperity requires great determination and skill. But it brings great wealth!

“There’s protodermis in these here mines!” he shouts triumphantly. “I’ll be able to get at it now, thanks to you, Hahli! Oh, and congratulations on your win against Onepu and Taipu. That was a great game!”

Hahli returns to the flooded Great Mine and dives into the water. She notices that after her Stamina training, she is able to hold her breath for much longer periods of time, which allows her to decrease her usage of air bladders to reach the lower caves. Using her new pickaxe and sluice, Hahli is able to extract ore and protodermis from the caves to add to her supplies inventory. Before leaving Onu-Koro, Hahli decides to pay a final visit to Turaga Whenua in his hut.

“Congratulations on your victory in kolhii, Hahli, and thank you for helping our guilds recover their equipment,” he says gratefully. “You are a gracious competitor. You have Onu-Koro’s deepest respect.”

Remembering Onepu’s offer, Hahli asks, “I’d like to practice with Onepu and Taipu.”

“Well, this is an honor!” he replies. “I’m sure they’d be delighted. Go ahead, I’ll tell them to meet you at our kolhii field. We will send an Ussal for Macku.”

Once Macku arrives, Hahli and her Ga-Matoran teammate travel to the Onu-Koro Kolhii Field and participate in a few practice matches with the Onu-Matoran team. Hahli remarks that she can run for longer without tiring, thanks to her Stamina training. After the practice, she bids the team farewell and departs Onu-Koro to travel to the other villages of Mata Nui.

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