Turaga Vakama stood at the bow of a small boat making its way across the waters to Metru Nui. All around him, the hastily assembled Matoran fleet was cutting through the waves, bearing the former residents back to the City of Legends.

It had been a long, hard journey to reach this point. One thousand years ago, the Toa Metru had succeeded in saving the Matoran from the ruins of this city. They had sacrificed their power and become Turaga to awaken the villagers, and then built a new world on the island of Mata Nui. There they suffered Rahi attacks and other disasters spawned by the evil Makuta, who desired complete control over the Matoran.

Finally, after so many years, six Toa had arrived to defeat Makuta’s minions and restore hope to the Matoran. Thanks to their efforts and those of the Toa of Light, Metru Nui had been rediscovered. The Matoran were going home at last.

A great weariness overtook Vakama. He had spent many nights telling the Toa Nuva the tales of Metru Nui. Some had been inspiring stories of heroism against great odds, and some tales filled with fear and regret. Now the heroes were armed with truth as they joined the Matoran on their journey home.

The sight of the Metru Nui skyline, even as badly damaged as it was, should have filled Vakama with only joy and relief. But there was another emotion mixed with those, one harder to define. There were memories here for him that the other Turaga did not share. Another tale had taken place here, one that he had never told his friends or the Toa Nuva.

As the boat drew closer to the shore, Vakama closed his eyes and remembered a day when he and the other Toa Metru were leaving their city far behind.

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