Lewa Nuva and Tanma soared down through the sky of Karda Nui.

“Why are we running?” exclaimed Tanma. “We should turn and fight!”

“Great deep-thought there, Tanma. What happens if we lose?”

“We won’t lose! As long as we have right on our side, nothing can stop us.”

“I used to quick-talk like that too. That was an infected mask and a Bohrok krana ago, though. Trust me – we need help to save the others.”

Suddenly, a voice seemed to come from all around them. “Three little Toa, soaring through the blue – one choked on shadows, and then there were two.”

Tanma immediately recognized Antroz’s voice. “Show yourself, Makuta!”

“They are masters of illusion,” warned Lewa. “One could be standing right close-near and we wouldn’t know it.”

“Two little Toa, their time almost done – one met a shadow leech, and then there was one.”

“On the other hand…” Lewa continued, “they really stink as poets.”

“What’s that??” Tanma shouted, pointing ahead. Lewa looked up to see a swirling vortex of darkness in the middle of the sky, coming closer and closer.

“The Makuta are trying to make us feel at home…” Lewa said, unleashing a huge cyclone. “But Toa-heroes make lousy guests.” The cyclone tore into the vortex, shredding the darkness into scraps.

Later, Antroz and Radiak hovered in the air near an unconscious Kopaka, Pohatu, Solek and Photok. The Toa and Av-Matoran were bound with chains made of shadow, hanging suspended from the ceiling of Karda Nui.

“Your friend will be here to join you soon…” Antroz said to his sleeping captives. “Toa are too noble, too brave, and too stupid not to rush right to their dooms. When he arrives, he will see that if he did defeat me, the chains I made would vanish – and all four of you would fall.”

Antroz ran a claw across the chains. “Teridax says we need you alive… he never said undamaged. Perhaps Chirox and Vamprah will let you bounce once or twice before retrieving you…

“He will try a sneak attack, of course. But his Toa power is a light breeze on Destral, his Mask of Levitation is a joke, and his weapon – annoying, true, but nothing a true Makuta cannot handle.”

Without warning, Lewa and Tanma smashed into Antroz from behind with enormous impact.

“Really?” said Lewa. “How are you with good old-fashioned socks to the jaw?”

Antroz quickly recovered, though still looked shaken. “Impossible! How did you evade Vamprah and Chirox?”

“I have been high-flying a lot longer than you bat-winged losers.” Lewa took aim with his skyblaster. “Now free my friends or I light things up.”

“Do you really think even a blast from that weapon can harm me?”

Lewa wheeled in midair and fired. “Who said I was aiming at you?”

The light burst struck Pohatu, jolting him awake. “Huh? What? Where –?”

Lewa began firing at Antroz, who was deftly avoiding his shots. “Three more questions than we have time for brother! Get ready – get set –” Lewa let loose with his skyblaster, Tanma glowing like a star on his back. “Go!!”

Antroz’s concentration broken by Lewa’s attack, his shadow chains disappeared. Pohatu, flying at super-speed, gathered up Photok, Solek, and Kopaka before they could fall.

“Hmmmm…” said Pohatu. “It never rained Matoran on Mata Nui.”

Suddenly, Vamprah and Chirox appeared, flying through the air toward the group.

“Pohatu!” Lewa shouted. “More shadow-flyers!”

“Then we fight another day… when our hands are free,” said Pohatu.

Lewa took Photok from Pohatu, and the group soared away from the battle.

“Next time, Kopaka can hard-fight, and I will take the nap!” Lewa exclaimed.

“Let’s hope Tahu and his team are doing better than we are – or else this is going to be one of those short missions that ends with dead Toa.”

“Yeah, hate those…”

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