Happy International 810NICLE Day! First round of AZW3s is live!

Hi, everyone! While most of the community celebrates 810NICLE Day on August 10th (using the American date format for 8/10), today marks “International 810NICLE Day,” or 8/10 using the date format preferred by a number of other countries. But additionally, today is the 4th anniversary of Biological Chronicle – yes, by pure coincidence, the date I originally posted this project online was October 8th, back in 2017:

I’ll be honest – I was originally hoping to have all the ebook formats finished for today (maybe even the print format version), to wrap up the final piece of this project on the 4th anniversary. But I ran into a couple of hiccups along the way that slowed the process down – not to mention things like shopping for a house occupying my time.

That said, I’ve not come empty-handed! I’ve finished the AZW3s (i.e. Kindle format) of the Standard versions of each Book, with no media links. You can download a ZIP of them here, or download them individually or bundled on the Biological Chronicle hub page.

I’m sharing these now, both to mark this special date, but also to give you all the chance to start providing feedback on them now, in case I’ve messed something up in the conversion somewhere and missed it. Any issues caught now are less work for me later, so please let me know if you find an issue in any of these! They all work correctly on my Kindle Oasis (other than some of the images being a little slow to load), but that’s the only device I’ve been able to test them on.

EPUB and MOBI formats are still on the way for all versions, as well as AZW3s for the rest of the versions (other than those with media links – it’s looking like there may not be an elegant way for me to incorporate those into any of the ebook formats, though I’ll keep trying). The print format will come after all these are done.

Thanks to everyone that has and continues to support this project. I’m happy to finally be getting these other formats done, and hope some of you out there are looking forward to the rest of them!

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